More about me

I had been looking for God since I was 12 years old. I was looking for a sense of belonging and answers to my many religious questions. I was baptized Catholic and attended a Catholic private school since I was 5 years old. I was that one girl who would question anything and everything, the ā€œtrouble makerā€.

In my quest for God I found him in many places. I found him in The Hare Krishna temple in my hometown, in Catholic Churches, in Buddhist temples, in Christian Churches. However, I didnā€™t find myself there.

"I invite you to heal. Take back your power and create your own reality"
-Carolina O'Neill

Growing up surrounded by nature, I learnt from my grandma about Spirituality. I learnt about Spirits, the pachamama, legends, the Incan culture, and plant medicines.

It wasnā€™t until 2022 that it all made sense. I started my Spiritual Journey with a ceremony of psilocybin. This ceremony destroyed my ego and opened my eyes to a reality that I wasnā€™t aware of. My Spiritual awakening allowed me to fall in love with myself and it wasnā€™t until I was able to love myself unconditionally that I finally found God, and myself.

I decided to workship the Divine by putting myself in service to other souls looking for answers as well by sharing my own experience, and the tools I learned that helped me with shadow work and nights of the soul.

I specialized in the use of psilocybin for therapy for treatment of addictions, depression, anxiety and stress obtaining amazing results with my clients.

I invite you to heal, so you can also live heaven on earth.