Returning to Pachamama Program (RPP)

I am not talking about a magic pill or cure. I am talking about an experience, a choice to experience the process of healing yourself mentally, emotionally, physically and energetically. By allowing yourself to cleanse for 28 days and connect with your body in all levels of your being. I am not a medical professional, I am a spiritual coach. I will use my own experience exploring my symptoms, lab results, research and holistic tools and knowledge, so you can then take the findings to a professional and work on a plan that fits you.

I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism, Hashimoto's disease, acute Depression and Chronic anxiety and suffered from panic attacks. I was prescribed medication for years, however, I was still having symptoms and not feeling well. That's when I decided to seek holistic help. I started learning more and more about holistic medicine and getting to the root cause of illness/ issues as well as connecting with myself with coaching. In a few months I was medicine free and had no more symptoms.

This 4 weeks program is designed to guide and share research regarding chronic inflammation, healing your gut, techniques on how to regulate your nervous system, activation of diaphragm, reprogramming of your subconscious mind, eliminating energetic blockages and more!

Sometimes we think that we can't, until we can.

What does it include:

  1. Introduction e-mail with materials for the program

  2. 30 min consult individual session prior to starting the program as a group to cover individual's lifestyle and possible adjustments to the program.

  3. 90 minute virtual introduction to the program & team! We will go over all of the material, and any questions you may have. Will also be sharing their amazing experience in the fitness, wellness & holistic industry.

  4. Weekly 1 hour virtual meeting via Zoom for new content.

  5. One virtual 60 minute one-on-one session with me.

  6. Journaling

  7. Highly recommended during the program: No drugs, No alcohol, No cigarettes, No sex, No coffee.

  8. Fruits/raw vegetables diet or juicing

  9. Alkaline herbs.

  10. Gift individually prepared for each participant based on intuitive reading from me, Astrid alma.natural_porastrid and Katari iniy_medicinadelatierra.

  11. Weekly breathwork sessions *if you cannot attend you will be sent the recording

  12. Options for consumption of food, juicing, fruits & vegetables, reduction of red meat, etc.

  13. Access to myself via Whatsapp with questions.

The program in English begins August 3rd 2024. Last day to sign up is July 20th.

El programa en EspaƱol empieza el Setiembre 7 ultimo dia para registrarse 24 de Agosto.

Investment $699.00 USA

$260.00 Residents of Peru only

Receive a recorded session from

our partner fitness coach

Martin Rojas

Martin Rojas, a Peruvian personal trainer with years of experience, is a fitness enthusiast dedicated to enhancing the well-being of his clients. With a personalized approach and a deep understanding of physical training, Martin stands out for his commitment to health and the positive transformation of those striving to achieve their fitness goals.

Discover the magic within you!

*This program is not designed as a substitute for any Medical treatment or medicine. Please consult with your physician before starting the program and continue taking your medication unless otherwise indicated by your physician. We are not medical consultants or physicians and therefore we will not be making any medical advice, only sharing our experience.

** This program includes recommendations of organic herbs and products, and a fruit and vegetable only diet. Optional and highly recommended juicing.

Options for payment:

*Full payment, your spot is reserved as soon as you make the payment.

*Partial payment to reserve your spot, please submit 50% deposit and cancellation is due a week before the program starts