The magic of healing yourself
(6 week)

Includes one weekly session of 60 mins, 30 min consult, review of lab results and a guide of recommendations. Includes welcome health Kit.

This program is designed for people who have been diagnosed with autoimmune disorders or any illness, and would like to explore holistic alternatives to alleviate, diminish or eliminate symptoms. We will explore together the root cause of the illness and address it.

Overall, this program is designed to explore the root cause of an illness that makes you feel miserable! We did not come to suffer, we came to live life the best way we can! If you do not feel healthy, let's change that together!

How do I know we can accomplish a healthy lifestyle with no medication? Because I did it myself. I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's disease and I am medication free with normal lab results and no symptoms! Discover the magic within you to heal yourself!

I am not a medical professional, doctor not do I provide any medical advice. Any suggestions I will make are only based on my own healing. You will have to consult with your Medical physician to evaluate further treatment.

Investment $920 USD.

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